How do good toys help shape who a child becomes?

When children are born, they are like a blank sheet of paper which is gradually filled with all the information they take from the world. Children are sort of sponges that absorb all the information the surrounds them.

There are critical periods of learning, where children are more sensitive to some sort of information. In other words, they learn something faster and deeper. These critical periods are ideal for exposing the children to that certain sort of information especially. For example, the visual system develops during the first months since birth. Is in this moment when babies get most part of the information needed to successfully develop their visual system.

And the way children learn is by playing. Playing plays an important role in a child’s learning process, as it helps the child’s brain develop.

Children’s brains are very plastic and malleable and exposed to the correct stimuli, their learning process can be much improved. There are certain kinds of toys that help shape the personality of a child.

How do good toys help shape who a child becomes?

Children are curious and in a constant learning process. Absolutely everything in their surroundings is new for them during the first years of life. Every new sound, color or object they find is a source of information with them.

It is essential for kids to successfully develop their cognitive system correctly. This is the capacity for processing information, reasoning, expressing and identifying emotions, etc.

There are some toys that help boost this cognitive development.

Help to learn by avoiding stereotyped toys

There is no such thing as being born with stereotypes in mind. As it has been previously stated, kids are born as a blank sheet of paper that is being filled as the kid starts learning new things. Through toys, children are taught since an early age that there are two different roles in society, and which one they have to adopt. Many of the psychological problems they might later experience in life start with the social conditioning through toys, which is why multicultural toys‌ ‌are increasing.

Studies on the regard have shown “girl toys” to encourage attractiveness and domestic skills, while “boy toys” were considerably more aggressive and competitive. This might seem something harmless, but the toys we give to children at an early age have a huge impact on who they will become and the vision of the world they are forming.

Neutral toys to help development during the first years. Depending on age, children have different needs. We have divided the first year into two phases.

  1. From 0 to 6 months: This Is a sensory-motor phase, so children need toys with plenty of sensory stimuli. Moreover, they are developing their visual system, so colors are very important.

Example: Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play Gym, R1 255

  1. From 6 to 12 months: At this stage, children are improving their hand functioning, so it’s important to give them cause-and-effect toys. For example, a book that allows them to turn the pages themselves.

Example: Melissa & Doug Pound & Roll Tower, R320

This toy is especially good for developing hand motricity as it is a very interactive toy where children must fit toys of different sizes and shapes into the tower.


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