Dyson look to Singapore to build electric car factory

Electric Car

The British multi-billionaire inventor Sir James Dyson will be making electric cars in Singapore. The Brexiteer chose Singapore among other locations to build his electric car factory. This is considered a rebuild to the industry strategy by the prime minister.

The inventor confirmed that his company in Singapore will venture into zero-emission car making and hopes by 2021, the vehicles will be on road. It is reported that the company had previously said it will assign £2 billion to the project. The committed money includes £200 million for research and development as well as test track facilities in the UK. Most of this part has been spent already.

While it is known that Dyson is a Brexiteer and even was among the most prominent British to support Brexit prior to the referendum in June 2016, he insisted that his decision to move his car factory in Asia instead of a location in the UK was not influenced in any way by Brexit.

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister and her business secretary had vowed to put Britain at the heart of the global automotive industry’s move towards Brexit. Nevertheless, the automotive industry is already hit by the news of Dyson’s car plant in Singapore. Do not forget that the sector is already suffering from Brexit uncertainties.

Of course, this affects even the electrical sector and other related industries. This is news the electrical wholesalers Stockport centres should think about. The company which will be breaking ground at the site in Singapore later this year had factors that it considered. According to the founder, Dyson, the decision of the factory in South East Asia was determined by the availability of engineering talent, regional supply chains and closeness to various key target markets.

One would wonder if the cost was a factor considered since Singapore is among the most expensive global territories that one would conduct a business in but it was not according to the inventor. In fact, a space for manufacturing in the city is at a premium so it is quite expensive.

There may be some disappointment since the car manufacturing will not be in Malmesbury, Wiltshire but this is not an actual consideration since Dyson currently does not manufacturer any of its products in the UK.

Dyson is praised for tripling its UK workforce over the past 5 years as well as establishing a new engineering institute on the site of an old air base used for World War II operations. The space was renovated and used although it is now small. Dyson’s company has a global workforce of up to 8,500, 4,800 of whom are in the UK. Sir James Dyson agrees that they have run out of space in the area but they will continue to develop technology and products in the UK without considering Brexit. By saying this, he dismissed concerns about how the UK will fare out of the EU.

It has not been revealed the type of batteries the Dyson electronic cars will utilise or where they will be made. The company still manufacturers batteries both the solid state and lithium-ion types used traditionally. Electrical wholesalers Stockport departments ought to give this a consideration and do some research on it.

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